Welcome to the Madness zombies walktrough WikiEdit

Welcome to the official wiki of my first MC PB2 Tribute, Madness zombies.

Where ever you come from... Edit

The official walkthough is found here: Levels, Guns, And everything else. (MADNESS ZOMBIES IS RATHER PROBLABLY ON 2017 WHERE POSSIBLY Project Nexus 2 will be released.)


  • Yippee for all of us! GSA hater 163 has announced the coming of Madness Zombies on MADNESS DAY 2013!Go to Madness Zombies for the story. To quickly go there, click anywhere on the image!
  • We are still working on plans for Level 3, but I think Kary-08 is up to something...Go to page for character
  • GSA hater 163 decided to release madness zombies early. So, all together now: CAT CLAN! CAT CLAN!Go to the info page for Cat Clan

Latest activityEdit

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